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Are you looking for real estate marketing services?  Do you want to become the top real estate agent?  We are a Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate Agents.  We focus solely on agents!  Please explore our website to see how we can help you be successful!

How to promote real estate business through digital marketing


According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) there are more than 130,000 realtors in Canada.  That’s a lot of competition!  By providing real estate marketing services, it all starts with a website.  We explain the importance of digital marketing in real estate!



Wondering how to get digital marketing ideas for real estate?  How to get noticed? We offer a variety of real estate digital marketing services that can help you get there.  Please check out our Services page for a complete list of services and strategies we can provide.


Not only do we build websites and strategies for you, the realtor, but we also build relationships.  

Let’s face it, digital marketing is the way of the future.  We can build a strategy that works for you!

About Us

The Real Estate market has so much competition amongst realtors. Here at Digital Marketing Real Estate, we can get you and your message across to many people.  We are a small company and we are located just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We are fully certified and are eager to help you succeed!

Ultimately as a realtor you want to generate leads.  Leads can turn into sales.  Sales can turn into relationships.  We can help with that and much more!


To help every realtor achieve success.  Whether you are just starting out or have twenty years of experience.  We can try to get you to that next level.


The opportunity in this field is endless.  That is why we decided to focus on providing real estate marketing services for Realtors. 

Our vision is to build relationships based on trust.  Your success is our success.

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Why Choose Us?

Look, we are a small company.  The ultimate goal for us is to grow your realtor business.  Building teams and relationships with realtors is very important!  At the end of the day, everyone has to start somewhere.
A digital marketer has the job of promoting a business’s brand through online marketing  Being fully certified and focusing strictly on Real Estate allows us to focus all the attention on this one area
As a smaller company we feel this gives us an advantage.  We are able to be more personable and will take the time to explain things and to work with you to achieve success.  That’s why when we say your success is our success that’s exactly what we mean.

Have a Project in mind?

No project is too big and no project is too small. We offer a variety of services that will assist you. The longer you have Digital Marketing to assist you the more successful you will be. With that being said if you are starting out and simply want a website, we can work with that too.

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Focus on the bigger picture of performance.

To truly be effective Digital Marketing is a long-term project.  Short term can also be effective. The digital marketing field is constantly changing.  There used to be a time when you could put up a website and for the most part, that would be enough to draw attention.  With so much competition now in every field, it is almost impossible to buy a simple .com website.  Please check out our services page for exactly what we can offer!

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