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How to do digital marketing for real estate

Hello and welcome to Digital Marketing Real Estate. Thanks for checking out our site! If your wondering how to promote real estate business through digital marketing then please keep reading.  These short blog posts are designed to give digital marketing ideas for real estate.

The importance of digital marketing in real estate

Digital Marketing is defined as the use of new media or digital technology to achieve marketing goals. Essentially this is marketing online.  The best part about digital marketing is you can track everything!  Marketing techniques such as billboards and flyers are still effective.  The big problem is how do you know your return on investment?  Analytics is a great way to measure if your marketing dollars are getting put to good use.

Two most important principles in digital marketing

1. Outbound marketing

This is when you have a message you want to push out to a specific target audience.  This is more so your traditional way of marketing.  You have a message and an audience.  You want to get that message out to your audience.  With traditional marketing, this can be achieved by radio, tv or billboards.  With digital marketing this is achieved through social media marketing and display advertising.  

2. Inbound marketing

 Inbound marketing is the exact opposite.  Inbound tries to pull your audience towards your service.  So this important for people who are looking for real estate agents.  Inbound marketing, is the most important aspect to digital marketing. This gives you a chance to pull in people who would be considering or are looking for a real estate agent.  Essentially, a person is beginning the search for a realtor and this is where a digital marketing strategy comes into play.

Who is your target audience for real estate?

This is definitely something to consider.  Are you trying to attract the first time home buyer or are you selling commercial?  Here are some the things to consider;

  • Is a your target audience male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their profession?
  • Are they married and if so how big is the family?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they have?
  • Do they use social media?

These are important questions that you don’t want to leave it up to assumption.  This is often referred to as audience research.  This helps you form your buyer personas.

Here is a list of the top 5 things a Realtor should do to become the top real estate agent;

#1.  It starts with website.  

As per crea (the canadian real estate association) the average canadian house significantly increased from 2020 to 2021 (see below).  That means more competition and potentially more income!  The whole purpose of a website is to drive web traffic to a certain place.  That place is your website!     

#2  Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console
Once you have your website set up you need to monitor it.  You need to be able to monitor how many people are going to your website.  Google analytics is a free service and has very valuable information.  Below is a screenshot from the Google Analytics demo account.  You can track everything from time of day that people visit your site to where in the world they are visiting from.   

The other important piece of software is Google Search Console.  As you can see below the website for this example is called   Google Search Console also gives a ton of useful information.  One of the most important features is the performance section.  This shows the total amount of clicks as well as the total amount of impressions.  For this example its set to the last 3 months but this can be adjusted to different time frames.  This is also free software that can be linked to Google Analytics. 

Google Search Console

#3  Keyword Research
This is a very important step.  To get noticed on Google or any other search engine you want to have keywords in your content.  Keywords, simply put are search terms that are entered into search engines like Google or Bing.  These can be single words or phrases.  
How do you know which keywords to search for?  First off you will need to have some info about your customers.  As a Realtor, are you targeting a first time home buyer or are you looking at commercial real estate?  As mentioned above this is when you conduct audience research to create buyer personas.
In order to conduct Keyword research you will need software such as or Ahrefs or Uber suggest.   What these do is tell you how difficult it will be for a keyword to rank for.  For example if you typed in ‘how to sell my house’ and lets say you get a keyword difficulty ranking of 50.  That means there is a lot of competition for that word and although you can try to rank for that keyword it will be difficult.  If the keyword difficulty is around 25 or lower than that would be a good word to try and rank for. 
#4 Content strategy
Content in king.  Content is anything you have on your website.  Your content should be based around who you are trying to reach.  For example if you are targeting first time home buyers, then your content should be based around the things that first time home buyers are interested in and their hobbies etc.  You want your content to reach that target group.
This is where keywords become important.  You want to optimize keywords that first time home buyers would be interested in.  So for example if you wanted to target the keyword ‘first time home buyer’ then you would want to generate content around that topic.
#5  Establish social media
As a Realtor, you want to get noticed!  It is a crowded field so you need to generate interest.  By maintaining social media channels you drive traffic back to your website.  By having multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok) it can be tough to find the time to maintain them.  Software such as Hootsuite or Buffer can help with this.

This is a brief overview of the steps you need to become the top real estate agent.  At digital marketing real estate we can help.  We primarily focus on SEO (Search engine optimization) as that is where you get most of your website traffic from.  Thanks for reading!