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Paid Search

Paid Search is essentially advertising within the search results of a search engine. We will use the same Audi example that was used in search engine optimization.

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As you can see, the word Ad is beside the Acura advertisement. So likely what Acura has done is they are paying for the word Audi. If you look at the top beside monthly searches it has the letters CPC. This stands for Cost per Click. As you can see the cost is 0.90 cents. This means that every time someone clicks on the Acura Ad it costs Acura approximately 0.90 cents per click.

  1. Visibility – Your product is at the top of the page results. If you want to create awareness quickly for your product or service this is a great option.
  2. Measurability – Paid search allows you to measure your investment
  3. Accountability – You can track all dollars spent and can justify the investment in time and resources.
  4. Timing – You have the ability to adjust the amount you want to spend each day.

These are just a few of the benefits of paid search. Obviously, this is a great way to get your name out there and get noticed. The big drawback is the cost can add up quickly depending on different factors.

The big difference is money. Paid search is very effective and you have lots of access to different resources but as mentioned above the cost can add up. Search engine optimization can take longer to optimize but it’s free.

How does this relate to Realtors?

In order for paid search to be effective, you need a website or at least a landing page. You need to direct people where to go. Running a paid search campaign would be a great idea if you are brand new to the profession. As mentioned above there is a cost associated with this. Having paid search combined with a good search engine optimization strategy is a great way to go!