Digital marketing agency for real estate agents

We offer several different packages. If you are looking, for one thing, such as a website build we can do that too.  The packages were created with optimal Digital Marketing in mind to achieve success.  Below are the individual rates;

Individual rate – $50/hour
Landing page – $250
Website Build – $500 – $1000 
Yearly rate – $18,000

If you are a brokerage and are looking for Digital Marketing please contact us to work out a price!

The longer Digital Marketing is in your business, the longer you will likely have success.  If you want something like email marketing as a stand-alone service that can be done too.  

For the yearly package, you get the best deal.  This covers essential Digital Marketing concepts and drops to $30/hour. A website build is included in the yearly price.   With the yearly package you are guaranteed 10-15 hours per week.  This will include consistent website updating with new listings as well.

Of note, there may be additional costs for software for things such as email marketing.



Commission based

This package is ideal for new Realtors.  It can be a financial strain when first starting out.  With this package you only pay when a sale is made.  

Of note, there will be additional costs.  Things such as software, for email marketing may be on top of the yearly rate.



/ Hour

This package includes the following;

Website Build


This package includes the following;  

Yearly package


This package is similar to commision based.  The only difference being this is a set price for the year.

Of note, there may be additional costs.  Things such as software for email marketing may be additional.


Broker Package

This is a tough one to break down as every broker may have different wants and needs.

Please contact to discuss prices.